We are thrilled to inform you that Workbeat Job Portal is finally LIVE and ready to accept applicants for all job vacancy at your company!

Workbeat Job Portal is a jobseeker platform designed to connect talented individuals exploring new career opportunities with companies that are hiring. We simply hope to bring both applicants and companies a seamless way to approach each other for an interview and secure the job with mutual benefit. 

So, whether you're looking to push your company open position, or new career opportunities, we've got you covered.

Here are what our new platform have to offer that you must know:

  • Advertise Job Vacancy (Workbeat User) 
  • Apply Job (Jobseeker)
  • Receive & Accept Job Application
  • Setup and Notify Applicants for Interview

There'll be many more features to come as we move forward with this new platform. Interested? Login now to register and advertise your company open position or go to Workbeat.io to visit the job portal.